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Support Black Artists Black Pound Day

By ni-cola, Jul 27 2020 11:08PM

Hello fellow artist/creative/supporters, how are you keeping?

COVID-19 devastated the music industry this year. Despite canceled gigs, artists are still creating, making music, talking about mental health and supporting one another. Against this backdrop, protests have erupted all over the world to rally against police brutality and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

You'll find music at the center, or close to it, in almost any protest. One of the major positives to spring forth from this was the birthing of the new “Black pound day”. This initiative was set up to encourage spending within the black community on one specific day per month, with the clear vision of supporting black businesses and to grow our economy. But what about the artists how do we support the people who have kept us going throughout this pandemic in fact they are the soundtrack to our lives. I came up with this simple initiative to help my fellow musician friends throughout this difficult time. In this particular moment, music is just one of the ways people are sharing their stories across the country.

Wondering how you can support Black artists on Black pound day? It’s really simple share this post across your networks on the lead up to #blackpoundday using the hashtags, #supportblackartists

Here's how you can go that one step further!

1. Stream/buy their music.

2. Subscribe and stream their music on YouTube.

3. Follow local musicians on social media

4. Whether it's on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, follow artists you love on social platforms and discover new artists to support. Share their profiles with your followers to give them an extra boost. You know what also helps? Commenting and liking their posts.

5. Tell several friends about them

6. Word of mouth can get an artist so far. Think of three black musicians you love who haven't yet "hit it big" and tell three friends about them. Have a listening session with friends the next time you're together (in real life or virtually) and talk about the music you love and why.

7. Buy their merch

8. Head to their websites, socials, and streaming platforms to find merchandise from artists. Some are even donating proceeds to organizations in support of racial justice.

9. Support their side hustles

10. Many musicians have side projects: small businesses, making other types of art, podcasting, or teaching music lessons. Share and support those endeavors too.

11. Donate directly

12. PayPal. Ask artists if it is OK to send them direct funds. Some may also put their pay information in the bios of their social media profiles. Since your caffeine habit has probably changed since you're working at home, why not use your latte money to show love to a local artist?

13. Book them for paid gigs

14. Shows aren't usually free, so we should be paying the artists we book for these shows. Many of these musicians are musicians full-time. Their livelihood depends on the revenue they produce from shows. We know live music isn't happening right now so start with supporting your local music venues. So many are shutting down across the country and those are the places most likely to book up-and-coming artists. Set up GoFundMe's to #SaveOurVenues and get black artists booked and paid when things start to return to normal.

15. Support your local radio station

16. Show up for racial justice in your daily life and showing up for black people can be done by showing up for protests, supporting black-owned businesses, and calling out racism every single day every time you see it.

For further information about the Black Pound Day movement visit

Thanks for joining the movement!


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